LayerSwitch.lsp: Toggle between pre-defined layers quickly.


The free autolisp file LayerSwitch.lsp is designed to make switching between specific layers in AutoCAD quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Defining Layers: The script starts by defining a list of pre-defined layers: Layer1, Layer2, and Layer3. You can replace these with the layers you want to switch between.
  2. Getting the Current Layer: The script then finds out which layer is currently active in AutoCAD using the getvar function.
  3. Finding the Next Layer:
    • Current Layer in the List: If the current layer is one of the pre-defined layers, the script calculates the index of this layer in the list and finds the next layer by moving to the next index. If the current layer is the last in the list, it loops back to the first layer.
    • Not in the List: If the current layer isn’t in the list, the script switches to the first layer in the list.
  4. Switching Layers: The script uses the setvar function to set the active layer to the next layer found in the previous step.
  5. Displaying a Message: The script then displays a message to inform you of the new active layer.
  6. Completion: Finally, the script ends gracefully by calling princ to exit quietly.

In summary, the LayerSwitch.lsp script provides a quick and easy way to switch between specific layers in AutoCAD, saving time and simplifying workflow when working on projects with multiple layers. This helps you stay organized and focused on the design work.

Download the lisp file for free here

How To use this Lisp script:

  1. Define Your Layers: Update the list of layers in the layers variable to match your project’s specific layers.
  2. Save and Load: Save the script in a file named LayerSwitch.lsp, and load it into AutoCAD by typing the command APPLOAD and navigating to the file.
  3. Running the Command: Once loaded, you can type LayerSwitch in AutoCAD’s command line to toggle between your pre-defined layers.

This script provides a quick way to switch between layers, making it easier to manage complex projects where switching layers frequently is necessary. If needed, you can modify the script to support more layers or add additional functionality.