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AutoLISP for Beginners – Free Course

Dive into the world of CAD customization with our AutoLISP for Beginners course, tailor-made for those taking their first steps in AutoCAD automation. This comprehensive introductory course covers the foundational aspects of AutoLISP, from basic arithmetic operations and string manipulations to user interactions and elementary entity management within AutoCAD. Through a series of structured lessons, students will gain hands-on experience, building a solid understanding of how AutoLISP interfaces with AutoCAD, empowering them to enhance their drafting and design processes. Whether you’re a budding architect, engineer, or CAD enthusiast, this free course offers the essential tools to kickstart your journey into the realm of AutoLISP programming.



Welcome to the lesson on comparisons in AutoLISP! In any programming language, the ability to...


Boolean Operations

Welcome to the lesson on Boolean operations in AutoLISP! Boolean operations, named after George...