About me

Hey CADdists

My name is R. Khouri, a CAD engineer, CAD Manager, Developer, Authorized Autodesk Author, a Corporate Trainer and Instructor,… a 100% CADdict 🙂!

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My CAD career began in 1992 using AutoCAD version 10. I was able to work for several companies and design offices as a draftsman, CAD manager of design offices, and developer of CAD applications and software.

In 1999, I was able to share my experience and expertise by opening a school in Quebec (Canada) to provide training for students and professionals on Autodesk softwares (AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, 3D Max, and 3D Max Design…).
In 2006, I launched online AutoCAD courses that were delivered to several hundred beginner and professional users in different countries around the world.

Having acquired +30 years of experience as an AutoCAD trainer and developer, and noticing the absence of a real “Portal” which could be THE site to consult for “How to …” articles, whether for understanding AutoCAD or especially AutoLISP, I had the idea of creating this project which is dear to me, a project which had been forming in my head for several years: CADtuto.com, a site rich in tutorials on AutoLISP and AutoCAD.

On this site, you’ll find answers to your questions, tutorials, glossaries of AutoCAD commands and AutoLISP functions, and for “download enthusiasts”, there’s a whole section for downloading manuals, blocks, AutoLISP routines and various PDFs, all free of charge.

Welcome to my world 🙂