Download AutoLISP Programs

For professionals across various engineering disciplines, AutoLISP programs can significantly elevate design capabilities, from basic operations to intricate workflows. In this article, we’ll dive into a curated list of 50 AutoLISP programs to download for free, segregated into simple and complex categories, encompassing general drafting needs as well as domain-specific tasks.

AutoLISP programs to download for free:

Simple AutoLISP Programs:

  1. BasicDim.lsp: Automate basic dimensioning for standard drawing objects.
  2. LayerSwitch.lsp: Toggle between pre-defined layers quickly.
  3. DoorInsert.lsp: Insert standard door blocks with specific orientations.
  4. WindowBlock.lsp: Automate window block placements in architectural drawings.
  5. ElectricalSymbol.lsp: Insert common electrical symbols into a drawing.
  6. BeamLabel.lsp: Automatically label beams with standardized nomenclatures.
  7. RoomArea.lsp: Calculate and label room areas in architectural layouts.
  8. FoundationDepth.lsp: Quick reference depths for standard foundation designs.
  9. PipeFit.lsp: Insert standard pipe fittings in MEP drawings.
  10. QuickText.lsp: Simplify text insertion with pre-defined styles and sizes.
  11. BoltArray.lsp: Generate standard bolt patterns for mechanical designs.
  12. AutoGrid.lsp: Create grid lines quickly based on user input.
  13. QuickDetail.lsp: Insert common detail callouts in civil engineering drawings.
  14. WallStyle.lsp: Draw walls with predefined styles and widths.
  15. HatchPattern.lsp: Apply common hatch patterns quickly.
  16. CircuitLoop.lsp: Draw simple electrical circuit loops.
  17. RoofPitch.lsp: Quickly designate roof pitches in architectural drawings.
  18. BeamProfile.lsp: Insert standardized cross-sectional beam profiles.
  19. VentPlacement.lsp: Place ventilation units in MEP drawings.
  20. ConcreteSlab.lsp: Designate slab thicknesses in structural drawings.
  21. QuickScale.lsp: Adjust drawing scales rapidly to predefined settings.
  22. LightingSymbol.lsp: Insert lighting symbols in electrical drawings.
  23. RebarCount.lsp: Estimate rebar quantity in a given section.
  24. ElevationMark.lsp: Place elevation markers in architectural designs.
  25. QuickAlign.lsp: Align objects to a reference object with a single command.

Complex AutoLISP Programs:

  1. AutoFootingDesign.lsp: Automate foundation footing designs based on load inputs.
  2. LoadAnalysis.lsp: Estimate structural loads in a building.
  3. HVACDesign.lsp: Automate the layout of HVAC ductwork based on room specifications.
  4. ElectricalLoadCalc.lsp: Calculate electrical loads for a building based on fixtures and devices.
  5. DynamicRoofDesign.lsp: Design complex roof structures with variable pitches.
  6. DrainageDesign.lsp: Plan and layout drainage systems for civil projects.
  7. 3DRebar.lsp: Generate 3D rebar designs within concrete structures.
  8. AutoStairDesign.lsp: Design stairs based on given parameters, adhering to building codes.
  9. StructuralAnalysis.lsp: Analyze stress points in a structural design.
  10. FireSafetyPlan.lsp: Automate the placement of fire safety equipment and paths.
  11. FacadeAnalysis.lsp: Examine and optimize building facades for energy efficiency.
  12. SolarShade.lsp: Calculate solar shade and sunlight penetration for architectural designs.
  13. VentFlowOptimize.lsp: Analyze and suggest optimizations for ventilation airflow.
  14. ElecCircuitDesign.lsp: Design complex electrical circuits with safety checks.
  15. AutoPipingSys.lsp: Lay out complex piping systems with interconnections.
  16. BuildingEnergyModel.lsp: Estimate the energy performance of a building design.
  17. AcousticAnalysis.lsp: Analyze room acoustics and suggest improvements.
  18. 3DFloorPlan.lsp: Convert 2D floor plans to basic 3D visualizations.
  19. EarthworkCalc.lsp: Calculate earthwork quantities for civil projects.
  20. SeismicAnalysis.lsp: Examine structural designs for seismic resilience.
  21. WireMeshDesign.lsp: Design wire mesh layouts for various applications.
  22. FluidDynamics.lsp: Analyze fluid flow in pipes and ducts.
  23. LightingAnalysis.lsp: Evaluate and optimize indoor lighting conditions.
  24. ThermalInsulation.lsp: Suggest insulation methods based on building parameters.
  25. WindLoadAnalysis.lsp: Assess wind loads on structures and suggest design improvements.

Mechanical Engineering AutoLISP programs:

  1. BoltPatternGen.lsp: Automatically generates standard bolt pattern layouts.
  2. GearProfile.lsp: Draws standard gear profiles based on input parameters.
  3. MaterialSpec.lsp: Assigns and displays material specifications for parts.
  4. ToleranceSetter.lsp: Sets tolerances for dimensions based on predefined standards.
  5. WeldSymbolGen.lsp: Adds welding symbols to drawings per industry standards.
  6. ThermalExpCalc.lsp: Calculates and displays thermal expansion for selected materials.
  7. FastenerLib.lsp: Offers a library of standard mechanical fasteners.
  8. SectionViewGen.lsp: Creates section views for mechanical parts.
  9. AssemblyExploder.lsp: Generates exploded views of assemblies.
  10. CamProfileDraw.lsp: Drafts cam profiles based on motion requirements.
  11. BearingsLib.lsp: Provides a library of standard bearing types.
  12. HeatTreatmentRef.lsp: References heat treatment processes for various metals.
  13. JointConfig.lsp: Displays various mechanical joint configurations.
  14. SpringDesignHelper.lsp: Assists in designing standard mechanical springs.
  15. FluidFlowSimulator.lsp: Visualizes basic fluid flow through pipes or channels.

Electrical Engineering AutoLISP programs:

  1. CircuitAnalyzer.lsp: Visual aids for analyzing basic electrical circuits.
  2. WireNumGen.lsp: Automatically numbers wires in a schematic.
  3. ComponentLib.lsp: Offers a library of standard electrical components.
  4. PhaseBalancer.lsp: Aids in balancing electrical loads across phases.
  5. PCBLayoutHelper.lsp: Assists in laying out printed circuit board components.
  6. CableRouteOptim.lsp: Suggests optimal routing for cables.
  7. GroundingCheck.lsp: Ensures proper grounding in electrical schematics.
  8. LoadCalc.lsp: Calculates and displays electrical loads.
  9. VoltageDropCalc.lsp: Computes voltage drops in an electrical system.
  10. SafetyMarginCheck.lsp: Checks the safety margins in electrical designs.
  11. TransformSizeCalc.lsp: Recommends transformer sizes based on load requirements.
  12. ConduitSizer.lsp: Determines optimal conduit sizes.
  13. LightingLayout.lsp: Assists in designing optimal lighting layouts.
  14. BreakerSelector.lsp: Recommends breaker sizes based on connected loads.
  15. InsulationChecker.lsp: Verifies insulation types and thicknesses for electrical systems.

Architecture & Interior Design AutoLISP programs:

  1. RoomAreaCalc.lsp: Calculates and annotates room areas.
  2. FurnitureLayout.lsp: Assists in placing furniture in rooms.
  3. LightingEstimator.lsp: Estimates required lighting for interior spaces.
  4. DoorWindowScheduler.lsp: Generates schedules for doors and windows.
  5. MaterialEstimator.lsp: Estimates material quantities for construction.
  6. StairDesigner.lsp: Assists in designing staircases.
  7. FacadeDesigner.lsp: Aids in designing building facades.
  8. RoofConfigurator.lsp: Helps in laying out various roof styles.
  9. FloorPatternGen.lsp: Generates flooring patterns.
  10. WallSectionGen.lsp: Creates detailed wall sections.
  11. CeilingDesigner.lsp: Provides tools for designing ceilings.
  12. VentilationPlanner.lsp: Plans ventilation for rooms.
  13. AcousticOptimizer.lsp: Helps in designing spaces with optimal acoustics.
  14. ColorSchemePicker.lsp: Assists in choosing color schemes.
  15. LandscapingHelper.lsp: Offers tools for basic landscape design.

Civil Engineering AutoLISP programs:

  1. TopoSurvey.lsp: Assists in generating topographical surveys.
  2. GradeCalculator.lsp: Computes grades for roads and surfaces.
  3. StormwaterMgr.lsp: Tools for basic stormwater management design.
  4. FoundationDesigner.lsp: Assists in foundation design.
  5. RebarDetailer.lsp: Provides rebar detailing tools.
  6. TrafficFlowSim.lsp: Simulates basic traffic flows.
  7. SoilAnalysis.lsp: Aids in analyzing soil data.
  8. BridgeDesignHelper.lsp: Tools for basic bridge design.
  9. PavementOptim.lsp: Helps in designing pavements.
  10. CulvertDesigner.lsp: Assists in culvert design.
  11. RetainingWallCalc.lsp: Computes parameters for retaining walls.
  12. SewerNetworkPlanner.lsp: Plans sewer networks.
  13. SitePlanner.lsp: Tools for basic site planning.
  14. ErosionControl.lsp: Helps in designing erosion control measures.
  15. UtilityMapping.lsp: Maps utilities on civil sites.

Industrial Engineering AutoLISP programs:

  1. ProcessFlowchart.lsp: Assists in creating process flowcharts.
  2. TimeStudy.lsp: Tools for conducting time studies.
  3. WorkCellLayout.lsp: Helps in designing work cell layouts.
  4. ErgoAnalyzer.lsp: Analyzes ergonomic aspects of workstations.
  5. SupplyChainMap.lsp: Maps supply chain processes.
  6. InventoryMgr.lsp: Tools for basic inventory management visualization.
  7. QualityControlChart.lsp: Generates quality control charts.
  8. FacilityLayoutOptim.lsp: Aids in optimal facility layout design.
  9. BottleneckAnalyzer.lsp: Identifies bottlenecks in processes.
  10. MaterialFlowSim.lsp: Simulates material flow in facilities.
  11. JobSequencer.lsp: Helps in sequencing jobs for optimization.
  12. LeanToolset.lsp: Provides tools for basic lean manufacturing principles.
  13. SafetyAudit.lsp: Assists in conducting safety audits.
  14. MaintenanceScheduler.lsp: Schedules maintenance tasks.
  15. ProductionForecaster.lsp: Forecasts production needs.


AutoLISP lets professionals create tools that fit their specific needs perfectly. Whether you’re looking into simple tasks or tackling bigger challenges, these free 50 AutoLISP programs show just how much you can do with it. As design work changes over time, using tools like AutoLISP will surely help you stay ahead in the CAD world.